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typical adj
1 exhibiting the qualities or characteristics that identify a group or kind or category; "a typical American girl"; "a typical suburban community"; "the typical car owner drives 10,000 miles a year"; "a painting typical of the Impressionist school"; "a typical romantic poem"; "a typical case of arteritis" [ant: atypical]
2 of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing; "Jerusalem has a distinctive Middle East flavor"- Curtis Wilkie; "that is typical of you!" [syn: distinctive]
3 conforming to a type; "the typical (or normal) American"; "typical teenage behavior"

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From the typicus


  1. capturing the overall sense of a thing; representing something by form


capturing the overall sense of a thing; representing something by form
  • Czech: typický
  • Hungarian: tipikus, jellemző

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"Typical" is the Grammy Award nominated debut single from New Orleans rock group Mute Math. The song was written in 2003 by Paul Meany and Darren King. The digital single was released on April 10, 2007. A physical single was released in the UK only on August 27, 2007. Josh Harris club remixes of the song were also released digitally to several outlets on September 18, 2007.

TV & Radio

The group has performed the song on both ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live and CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and the video began rotation on MTV Networks in May of 2007 beginning with MTVu. An edited form of the song was featured on an advertisement for the Discovery Channel in the spring of 2008.
As of late June, the single started receiving major airplay in Modern Rock and is quickly rising up the Mediabase Alternative chart jumping from #115 to #65 and was also the second most added song on Alternative stations the week of June 13, 2007. The single then jumped to a peak position of #36 the first week of August 2007, remaining there for over 6 weeks and debuted at #39 on Billboard's US Modern Rock Chart the week of August 4, 2007 where it reached a peak position of #33.
Pillar references Typical in their song "Turn It Up", which consists entirely of lyrics that inspired the band.

Music video

The video for "Typical" premiered on YouTube on March 21, 2007. The concept video was directed by Israel Anthem and features the band performing the song backwards. The band simply rehearsed and memorized the performance in reverse. The video made it on the New York Post Hot List and registered more than 100,000 views in less than four days. It has since been viewed over a million times. The video reached #7 on Billboard's Hot Video Clip Tracks chart in July 2007. The group garnered further buzz for the single by recreating their video in a live performance for Jimmy Kimmel Live using the same technique that was used in the original video of reverse playback. The video was nominated for a Grammy Award on December 6, 2007 for "Best Short Form Video".

Track listing

# "Typical" (album version) - 4:12
  1. "Typical" (Josh Harris club mix) - 7:41
  2. "Typical" (Josh Harris club dub) - 7:31
  3. "Typical" (Josh Harris remix edit) - 3:48
  4. "Typical" (album version) - 4:12
  5. "Progress" - 4:45
  6. "Typical" (Enhanced CD Video)
  7. "Typical" (Enhanced CD Live Video) (This video recording is from the Live at the El Rey EP.)


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